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ACSIEL (Components and Systems Alliance for Electronics Industry)

On September 27 2013, GIXEL (French professional association of Interconnection, Passive components and electronic Sub-systems) and SITELESC (French professional association of micro and nanoelectronics industries) members held their General Assemblies and validated the merge of the two associations into one, through the foundation of a new Professional Association, under the banner of ACSIEL (Components and Systems Alliance for Electronics Industry).

In order to bring out and reinforce the electronic components sector, GIXEL and SITELESC have decided to merge their current activities into one unique professional association: ACSIEL (Components and Systems Alliance for Electronics Industry).
Its first chairman will be Gérard Matheron, graduated in Physics Science from the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble. Gérard Matheron is the VP of STMicroelectronics’s Research and Development and Public Affairs Group in France. He is also currently Director of the Crolles site. Before that, he held several key positions at CEA-Leti, SGS-Thomson (since 2008 STMicroelectronics) as well as being Head of the MEDEA-plus cooperative R&D program.
Gérard MATHERON, the former President of SITELESC (integrated within ACSIEL), has been appointed Vice-President of FIEEC in charge of Europe in 2011 and he is member of the STIC team established by the French Ministry of Industry in 2010.
After his nomination and the establishment of the new Association Gérard Matheron said: “The aim of this merge is to provide ACSIEL a critical size, giving our Association a better representativeness at the level of customers of our members. It will allow to further develop the specific actions defined to help a sector in full evolution. The higher visibility resulting from the merge will add to our credit with the national and international public authorities".
This merge represents a fundamental step in a rationale of evolution which will give the opportunity to the new association to set us up as a leader on all markets irrigated by electronics and to complement its actions for the benefit of its members.

Our ambition for the Electronics industry in France:

  • Motivate and federate all actors of our sector
  •  Promote and support our industry
  • Develop initiatives and synergies between members
  • Facilitate business relationships between our members and with their customers
  • Act as  the preferred interface to public authorities, both at national and international levels
  • Sustain innovation and develop exchanges with universities and engineering schools
  • Reinforce our members visibility to address new markets and new opportunities
  • Stimulate professional learning to the various jobs of Electronics and share best practices

More information: GIXEL and SITELESC

ACSIEL (Components and Systems Alliance for Electronics Industry), a result of the GIXEL and SITELESC merge, represents all actors of the electronics industry suppliers. ACSIEL gathers 93 members which mobilize 110 000 jobs and realize a turn-over of € 11 billion. ACSIEL is member of the FIEEC (French association for electrical, electronic & communication industries) and EECA (European Electronic Component Association).

Chiffres clés

  • + 90 members
  • Turnover : €8 billion 
  • 1010 000 jobs directs et indirects

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ACSIEL Alliance Electronique

11-17 rue de l'Amiral Hamelin
75783 Paris Cedex 16

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